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As seen in Forbes, MSN, Yahoo Finance, and the Boston Globe...


"Now You Can Generate Tens of Thousands of Dollars in ‘Passive Revenue’ Every Month While Helping Lots of People With Your Audio Programs, Info-Products, Live Events & High End Coaching Programs...”



“You’re about to discover the step-by-step process to create the freedom of time & money that comes from helping massive amounts of people & making a real difference in the world...”



Dear Coach,


     Yes, it's true. By helping thousands of people, you can become financially free.  Most coaches aren't in it for the money. I just wanted to talk about the money so we can get it out of the way. If you love what you do, you actually want to work. I know I do! But....


       If you've had a certain level of success in your coaching business, and now you're ready to break free of limitations and grow a coaching business empire, then you're in the right place.


     If you've been wanting more from your coaching business for a while and you're just not getting there, then what I'm about to share with you next may shed some light on what's needed . . .


How Is a "Passive Income Product Empire" Different Than A Regular Coaching Business?


     When you're first starting out as a coach, you're just happy to be working with clients and earning great money for the work you're doing (most coaches are making a hundred dollars/hour or more during coaching time). Even if you don't have as many clients as you want, it's still great to be coaching because...

  • you're doing something you love

  • you're getting paid well

  • you're making a difference

  • you're having fun! But...

     Eventually, you may start to wonder if there's something even bigger and better than simply having a coaching business. For example, have you ever had an AMAZING session with one of your clients and thought "more people need to hear what I shared today" or "more people need to do this activity that made such a huge difference"?


     If you've ever wanted to take your coaching business to another level and reach thousands of people at a time (maybe even tens of thousands or millions), then I've got great news for you. I'll share it in a second. But first, here's something else to consider...


     Even though coaching is great paying work, you're still trading dollars for hours. If you stop working, you stop making money. But, with a coaching business empire, you're making money while you're on the beach taking a vacation, while you're sleeping, and while you're kicking back at the end of the day. How?


     A coaching business empire means you have your own products that you sell (books, audio programs, DVDs, etc.) and people buy them from you on a regular basis.


     It also means that you have your own live events where people come from all over the world to learn from you (and when you have lots of people paying to attend, that money adds up too).  Some of the people at your live events will also buy your products, so there's a lot of synergy there.


     And the great news is that since I teach how to market and sell in a way that makes a difference in and of itself, all of your products, programs, live events, AND everything you do to promote them will be making a positive mark on the world!


Can You Handle Being "Famous"?


       I'm not famous. Not by a long shot. At least not in mainstream America. But, in certain circles, I'm pretty well known. Let me tell you about my "famous" friend Elyse...


      I was at a seminar a year or 2 ago and I ran into someone that I knew from her ezine, Elyse. In my eyes she was kind of famous. She had this really cool "abundance game" that I had heard of online and played.


     We hit it off right away and became friends. Later at that event, we went to hear the key note speaker. My new friend was gushing about her because she had read her books and thought she was the greatest.


     I'd never heard of the keynote speaker. She was good, but in Elyse's eye's she was huge (even though I'd never heard of her). Conversely, in my eyes Elyse was "huge" because I had heard of her and been on her emails list, and already knew who she was.


     Unless you're a super celebrity (like Britney Spears or Brad Pitt), being "famous" is all in the eye of the beholder. You see, when you have a newsletter that people subscribe to from all over the world, and people learn from you on tele-classes or your audio programs, read your book(s), and then they meet you at one of your live events... these people are going to think you're famous.


     At my live events, I've had a lot of requests for my autograph. People ask me to sign copies of their audio programs. It's really quite flattering and a lot of fun!


       Of course I go back home and my fiancée and my close friends help me keep my ego in check. To them I'm just regular old Christian.


     This is one of the things that's different from being a regular coach. As a regular coach, you don't usually reach as many people and make a difference with people before you've ever spoken with them or met them.



Introducing... The 'Passive Income Product Empire' Event



     Enjoy 4 and a half days with me (and just 29 other coaches) soaking up the best coaching business building strategies, skills, and psychology so that you can move your business into the "empire phase" where you're making a difference 24 hours/day, 7 days/week whether you're coaching clients or not!    


     Freedom . . . Not only will you be able to enjoy the comforts and freedom that more money brings, but after this event you'll experience an ease and effortlessness in how you work . . . a "naturalness" that's been hiding behind subtle anxieties, stress, or overwhelm that's been there for so long you may not even notice it anymore.


     It's kind of like an annoying noise. If it goes on long enough, you almost don't even notice it anymore . . . until it stops. Then you feel the relief. When you get back home from this event, you'll enjoy working with that peaceful, "ahhh" feeling that you didn't even realize was missing. That's freedom!


       Because at this event, you'll not only learn "how to", you'll also release the "inner blocks" and barriers that could be keeping you from achieving the results you desire. And . . .


     You'll leave with a bigger "marketing brain" that will (believe it or not) foster a love of marketing. In addition to the marketing strategies, you'll also learn a marketing philosophy that makes marketing feel like you're actually coaching and making a difference (hint: you'll feel this way because you'll see how this can be true). Here's the agenda in a nutshell:



Day One


Part 1: The "Successful Coach" Mindset

Master your psychology about "sales, marketing, money, and success." We will discuss the difference between the way we want to think and feel about these important concepts and the way we actually do think and feel.


Part 2: How To Shift Your Marketing From "getting clients" to Creating A "Movement"


As coaches, we're not in this just for the money. Yes, the money's nice (I'm happy to say my business generated a quarter of a million last year), but we're up to more than that. We want to make a real difference in the world. To do that, we've got to learn the elements of creating something that "catches fire" and spreads almost on its own.


Day Two


Part 3: How to quickly create high demand products and programs to leverage your time and energy (plus reach and help far more people).


You'll learn the exact, easy to duplicate formula for...

  • How I wrote a book in less than 1 month (you'll be able to write a book or create any product in no time!)

  • How I generated over $1000 in sales on this book BEFORE I ever wrote a single word.

  • How I created 1 product that sells for less than $100, yet makes me over $32K per year of pure profit!

  • How to create products and programs that sell for high amounts (between $500 and $10K) and then get them to sell!

  • How to find out what people want to buy and how much they are willing to pay. And...

  • Take your ideas and put them into action so that you can go from idea to profit in 90 days (and sometimes even faster)!

  • How to get your products professionally produced with ZERO upfront production cost (and with this method, you won't ever have to deal with "shipping and handling", they'll take care of every little thing so that you can focus on what you love to do most).

  • Secrets of "continuity programs" (like membership clubs, CD of the month clubs, etc.) that generate "recurring income". If you can get 100 people paying you $47/month that's $4,700/month (or $56,400/year) - now imagine getting 300 members

  • How to orchestrate a highly profitable PRODUCT LAUNCH so that whatever you're selling gets gobbled up right away (for my last product launch these strategies generated $40K in sales in the first 2 weeks alone)

  • How to consistently generate 10s of thousands of dollars in passive revenue every month by "stair stepping" customers from 1 product to the next and to the next (usually with escalating price points).

  • Which products to create first, next, after that, etc. so that you're always working on the most profitable products every step of the way.


    Special Guest Speaker,

    Dan Janal on "Going BIG with Publicity"


         Publicity has always been a big mystery. I've certainly gotten my share but, it's always been "luck". Dan has cracked the code on PR and Publicity.

    Dan will show you specific tactics that will help you...

    • become the most famous coach in your community or your business niche.

    • write articles the fast and easy way -- and make sure your cash register rings -- even if you hate to write.

    • how to turn your publicity into profits

         Dan Janal has helped more than 3,000 coaches, speakers, authors and entrepreneurs get publicity in major media and all over the Internet so they can get more clients.

         He's written six books for John Wiley & Sons, and is an in-demand international speaker who has keynoted conferences in Beijing, Budapest, Rio de Janeiro as well as across the US and Canada.









Day Three


Part 4: How To Write Marketing "Copy" that compels people to take action and make smart purchases (to buy your stuff).


     First, you will learn how to market your coaching business (and any products, program or live events) with the written word by writing articles and marketing materials and by implementing internet marketing strategies. 


Then we will eliminate the barriers to being successful with these techniques. These barriers usually show up as "writers block," "technophobia", and "perfectionism" (do any of these sound familiar to you?). Finally, you will practice these approaches on the spot.


      You will...

  • Learn the formula for writing marketing copy that sells, but also comes from your true "voice".

  • Discover how to write exactly what your potential customers need to read to feel excited enough and comfortable enough to buy from you.

  • Create a "sales letter" for one of your products or programs right on the spot (or upgrade one you already have) so that you leave this event ready to start taking orders (some coaches at this event will actually get orders while your at the event)!

  • Uncover the real secrets to making money while you sleep using the internet (even if you're not tech savvy in the least)!

  • Get powerful "instant feedback" on your marketing materials so that you know what works and what doesn't before even testing in the market place (where mistakes can cost you).

  • Discover my greatest secrets for writing powerful articles (and newsletters) that generate sales every single time merely from the click of a button (people will get great value from every word you write and will want to buy whatever you have to sell)!





Day Four



Part 5: How to create, fill, and make thousands of dollars  from every presentation you give (including your own multi-day seminars)


       Yes, you can get coaching clients from live speaking events, but you can also sell products, programs, and seminars right from your presentations! This is one fantastic way to dramatically ramp up your revenue (double, triple, or even more).




  • How to whet your audience's appetite for anything you have to offer before you ever make your offer (so that they are excited to hear about what you have and eager to get it)!

  • How to generate thousands of dollars in sales from your speaking gigs -even when you're talking to small audiences (less than 20)!

  •  7 tried and true methods (and 1 very unconventional way) to get great audiences of people to flock to your events - from all over the world!

  • How to make "selling from the front of the room" comfortable for you and everyone in the audience so that you can make the biggest impact on people and generate the maximum sales dollars (THERE IS SO MUCH MONEY TO BE MADE FROM SELLING THIS WAY - I'VE SOLD OVER $50K IN A SINGLE DAY & YOU CAN TOO).

  • How and more importantly when to go on a "world tour" (that is extremely fun and makes you lots of money) - note: if you do so at the wrong time, you could end up falling flat on your face.



"How To Create Systems for Easier, Faster, & More Profitable Results"



Special guest speaker,

Beth Schneider will show you how to "systemize" everything so that you can...

  • Eliminate hours of wasted time from each week

  • Become a better delegator so that you can get rid of the "dirty work" jobs you hate and know that they're getting done well

  • Optimize your processes so that you can squeeze 2 to 3 times the results from far less effort and eventually create a business that runs itself.

     Beth Schneider, President and CEO of Process Prodigy is a highly sought after, internationally known systems expert. Beth works with small business owners, showing them how to streamline their business so they can work less, make more money and create Outrageously Effective Systems in their own business.


     Her client list reads like a who’s who of the small business world. Her clients have seen remarkable growth, increasing productivity by as much as 600% and revenues by as much as 250%.




Part 6: Creating A Customized Strategic Action Plan.

You will leave with a strategic action plan that is based on what you've learned, your strengths, and what you most enjoy. You'll have a plan for the year and a detailed 90 day plan so that you'll know exactly what to do each day for the next three months and beyond.


We'll resolve any resistance to planning, feeling overwhelmed by so much work, or resistance to taking consistent action so that carrying out your plan is nothing but clear, blue skies and smooth sailing!


Part 7: Hitting The "Reset Button" On Your Business Expectations

Instead of any old habits (like doubting yourself or that you'll get what you want), we'll reset your expectations so you will immediately begin to integrate your new way of being as a marketer. For example, what will happen to you after leaving this program? You will . . .

  • Feel very free to be yourself and express yourself through your marketing.

  • Be very clear and able to "channel" all of the marketing ideas you need to make your marketing efforts a roaring success.

  • Feel lighter without the burden of so many fears, doubts, and self judgments.

  • You will let go of old "negative" expectations and install new "positive" expectations that you can go home and manifest into your life and business.


Who Is Invited To This Event?


     30 coaches that are committed to BOTH growing their coaching business AND making a real difference. You don't have to be making 6 figures or have a full practice to attend. This event will help you no matter what stage your coaching business is in.


      That said, most of the coaches at this event will have been coaching for at least 6 months and have half a dozen clients or more and will have a target market (niche) picked out (if this isn't you, then you need my other program: Client Attraction...).


     When you come to this event, it will feel like coming home. Why? because you'll be among other "highly-conscious" professional coaches. Whenever I'm surrounded by people like this, I always feel like I'm finally together with my family. The people at events like this one, are my spirit family.






Fun things to do in San Diego while you're here for the Passive Income Product Empire Event...



San Diego, California features some of the best beaches in the world. Sunny days and mild year-round weather make San Diego's beaches ideal for your vacation destination. Spend a lazy day in the sun or jump on a surfboard and head out into the blue Pacific Ocean.



Take a drive over the beautiful Coronado bridge and stroll through unique shops, fine dining restaurants, and miles of long sandy beaches. Home of the legendary 100+ year-old Hotel Del Coronado.


Del Mar Racetrack/Fairgrounds:

The home of the annual Del Mar Fair, off-track wagering, seasonal live horse racing, and many unique shows and exhibits.


Gas Lamp Quarter:

As one of San Diego's premier entertainment and shopping districts, you'll find a truly eclectic blend of food, fun, and culture located within one of the city's most historic areas: the Gas Lamp Quarter. Here you'll find something for everyone, whether you're seeking theater, upscale shops, fine dining, or some of the most popular clubs.



Golf Digest named San Diego "One of the Top 50 Golf Destinations in the World." There are over 90 courses located throughout the San Diego region, from seaside settings to desert mountains to inland valleys — many of which are designed by leading golf course architects. There is a course for every type of golfer and a range of greens fees to fit every budget. Add in San Diego's temperate climate (year-round average is 70° F) and year-round play is yet another benefit of this golfer's paradise.


Knott's Soak City USA:

San Diego's own Water Park offers a wide variety of activities and things to do, including 22 water slides, 16 tubes, wave pools, children's pool, shops and much more.


La Jolla:

A beautiful waterfront town surrounded with specialty shops, award-winning restaurants, Children's Cove, wonderful beaches, and cultural activities, La Jolla is an exquisite combination of southern European resort surroundings and Southern California fun. While La Jolla is known to be one of the most affluent communities in the United States, it has a down-to-earth feel that radiates from the beautiful natural scenery, friendly people, and unhurried atmosphere.



This 128-acre family theme park is dedicated to families with children between the ages of 2 and 12. Just like with LEGO toys, kids are the ones who make things happen at the Park. They drive, pedal, squirt, climb, jump, stomp, slide, steer, pull, click, push, gallop, laugh, build, and program their way through more than 50 rides and attractions.


San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park:

There's a magical place where you can stretch out a hand to feed a gentle giraffe, rub noses with an endangered rhino, or look deep into the eyes of a furry-feathered ostrich. This is one of the few places on earth where rare and exotic species roam free.

Meet some of the most exotic creatures on earth like our giant pandas. While you're here, journey into the depths of Ituri Forest, a central African jungle habitat teeming with okapis, hippos, forest buffalos, colorful birds, and acrobatic monkeys. Swing by the Children's Zoo for some face-to-face encounters with everything from pythons to porcupines.


Sea World:

Black and white has never been so colorful. From up-close encounters with the sea's greatest animals to exciting water rides that leave you wanting more, there's no better place to visit than SeaWorld.



Our southern neighbor offering duty-free shopping, ethnic bakeries, nightlife, authentic leather goods, and much, much more. There are many different tours available to make your visit educational and enjoyable.



How Much Is This Hands-On Training Event?


       I've invested over $45K training, studying, and testing these strategies, but you aren't going to pay $45K for this training. All of these tactics, strategies, and techniques have helped me to earn more than half of a million dollars over the last few years. And...


       Coaches that I've shared these secrets with have been able to make the big time. Here's are a couple of emails that came in just this week from 3 of my students that attended the Passive Income Product Empire Event (I copied and pasted from the emails they sent, but they asked me to change their email addresses so no bone-heads would start spamming them)...



From: Susan Epstein []
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2008 8:14 AM
To: Christian Mickelsen
Subject: Celebration!!


Hi Christian,


How are you? Haven't heard much from you via newsletters, etc...

Hope things are well in business and with you and Chelsa.


Wanted to tell you...I am at over 3,000 subscribers!


Also, I had my first 3 hour seminar- got 35 people in the room-

and then 12 people signed up on the spot for my Mar. 8 full day

and I have 13 free sessions to do!


I've sold over 30 copies of my new book.


I have also raised my rates again and have 2 new clients paying

me $697/month!! I've made nearly $10K this month and I'm

very happy to say that I'm now one of your 6 figure coach

success stories.


Thank you again for all that you have taught me...I am having a blast!!





Susan P. Epstein, LCSW,
Parent Coach


     Here's another email that came in earlier this morning (as I type this) from one of my recent Coaching Business Empire students (I love getting emails like this). . .



From: Julie Brown []
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 5:57 AM
To: Christian Mickelsen
Subject: A great update



I just thought I'd drop you a quick line with some recent results that I know are largely due to the things you and I worked on together.

·               I've had 4 new client consultations in the last week. 3 hired me on the spot (one at my highest fee yet, afterwards she closed the consultation part of the call by saying, "So, what do you think?  Would you be willing to take me on?" !!!) and the 4th is thinking.  Frankly, I'm not sure it's a good fit, so I encouraged him to think.

·         I've had 2 articles published in national media!

·               I've scheduled 5 speaking engagements, two of which are all expenses paid and 1 of which is a paid gig.

·               I re-launched an AdWords campaign, and I'm hitting between a 2 and 3% click through rate on most of the keywords (some as high as 20%). 

·               I've seen my website and blog traffic go up hugely -- as in, about doubled.

·               I launched a new twice-monthly newsletter, and I have a 74% open rate plus a 15% forwarding rate.

Just thought you'd like to know that everything is really paying off.  Thanks so much for all of your help in laying the groundwork to make this possible!!


Hope you're well -- I'll be in San Diego next week for some training, and I'll wave in your general direction.  :)



Julie Brown, J.D.

Life at the Bar LLC
Attorney development coaching
and consulting for associates and partners


NOTE: Julie sent me this follow up email an hour and a half later...


From: Julie Brown []
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 7:23 AM
To: Christian Mickelsen
Subject: RE: A great update

Update.... another client called and hired me... That makes 5 consultations and 4 hires in 1 week!

Julie Brown, J.D.

Life at the Bar LLC
Attorney development coaching
and consulting for associates and partners


Does A "Success Story" Count If You Have To Ask For It?


     Here's another email that came in today from one of my recent Coaching Business Empire students. I have to admit that I "solicited" this email from Talor because I ran into him last week, in person, and he told me how things were going. He told me he would love to share a testimonial for me. I said "thanks" and forgot about it. And then as I was getting all of these other emails, I figured I'd get one from him too and post all 3 to this page. His story's a good one too. . .



Hey Christian,


     When I attended Passive Income Product Empire this past

October, I was just getting things started.


I’ve taken my email list from 0 to 1,200 subscribers. I’ve

enrolled 25 people into my group coaching programs.


     I’ve been able to enroll people into my program from

tele-classes thanks to what I learned at the event about

selling during presentations, sometimes generating as much

as $4200 per introductory tele-class!


     And I’m using what I learned about how to write enticing

marketing materials (“short copy”) to make people want to

show up for the calls in the first place. Then I follow up with

great content to “wow” everyone and create raving fans.


  The best part of all is that I’ve been getting email after

email from people telling me how much of a difference

I’m making for them... even from the marketing itself.


     I’m so happy I went to your event. I told you before

that I’ve spent $10’s of thousands trying to learn how to

market via the internet, how to hold my own events, etc.

but none of them where as practical, content rich and

immediately usable as yours.


     If things keep growing at this rate, I think I’ll make

around $200K this year! Thanks again.




     And because they're kicking so much butt, I've invited them to come back to the next event so we can interview them and go "behind the scenes" and learn exactly what they did and how they did it.


     So "how much is this training program", you ask? It's a little under $5,000. Are you wondering, "Why so much"? Well, I don't know anyone that teaches this much high level content all together like this. And I don't know anyone else that consistently helps his students succeed as well as I do.


     This is a big ticket event, because it's the best. I'm not trying to toot my own horn here. I've been to the other trainings that are out there. Some of them are fantastic. But, even the great ones won't give you HALF of what you're going to get from this event. And to be honest with you, some of the stuff that other folks teach can actually take you off course leaving you to flounder around for months or more.


     I don't want that to happen to you. I used to try to do things the "cheap" way all of the time; buying computers that were the best "deal", trying to bargain shop, etc. What I found was that "yes" I would get a REAL good deal from time to time, but most of the deals I got took up more time finding than it was worth, or it would end up breaking and needing to be replaced sooner (costing me a lot more in the long run).


     I know this isn't the same thing as buying a new TV or anything, but I think the example still makes a lot of sense. It's best to just spend a little more in the beginning and get it right the first time. Plus, this event comes with a really cool guarantee. Check it out...



The "Total Freedom" Guarantee!


       If you've ever attended a seminar in the past, you've probably left with some great ideas, and a lot of excitement that fades as each day passes, but did you have an extreme shift in your business? That's one of the reasons why most seminars are only guaranteed halfway through the end or (very few) all the way until the end. This program will be different!


       I absolutely guarantee that you will "get" the concepts taught and that you will feel in your bones a dramatic freedom from your old conditioning about sales and marketing for your coaching business. You can take the entire program and then see the results over the next 90 days and if you aren't 100% in love with your decision to attend this program, you can have an immediate, full refund of every penny you paid. You have "Total Freedom" to experience this program and the results for yourself.


This Event Sounds Very Cool. When Is It And Where Is It?


When: Next event will be in 2011 (4.5 days ending late Sunday afternoon).


       Some people will fly in Wednesday during the day and fly home on Sunday evening to minimize time spent away from home. Others will make a week of it and take in some of what San Diego has to offer.


Where: Beautiful, sunny San Diego, CA.




Hotel: This (above) is the hotel where we'll be holding the event. The name of the hotel along with VERY special hotel pricing, and a room share list will be emailed to you after you enroll.

Seats Available: ONLY 30 (this is a very personal program)



Extra Materials & Special Bonuses...





     This 77 page hard-cover manual contains all of the important ideas from the event in one place so that you can take notes during the event and use it as a reference to refer back to over and over again.


     I've had people tell me that the manual alone is worth the price of the entire event.


Worth: $197


Go to fullsize imageBonus Audio Program: "How to Pick the Perfect Niche For You"


Many coaches struggle to pick a target market to reach out to and work with. I struggled with this myself for years until I finally figured out the secrets to picking the perfect niche market. Everyone has a perfect niche, they just need to follow this process to find theirs.


Worth: $197



Bonus Video: "How to Turn Your Website Into a Client Generating, Product Selling, Empire Building Machine"


Discover the difference between what makes an effective website and what most coaches do. Sadly, since most coaches don't know what makes a Web site effective, they usually copy other coaches and make a carbon copy version of a site that doesn't work (only with their own personality injected into it). As you can imagine, that doesn't work well at all.


This in-depth, 2 hour video reveals...

  • How to turn your website into an email list-building machine

  • How to turn subscribers into ongoing, high-paying clients

  • 3 ways for you to connect with your target market on a deeper, more personal level

  • How to use your website and email list to create products and programs that sell themselves

  • much, much more...

Worth: $297



Bonus Audio Program: "How to Lead Effective Tele-classes and Group Coaching Programs & Fill Them Up With Participants"


     Many people wonder how to get started leading tele-classes and how to do them effectively. I also get asked how to facilitate group coaching. Now you can hear my best secrets on this 2-part audio program that teaches exactly how to lead and fill tele-classes and group coaching programs.


Worth: $297



VIP Only - Networking Event


Spend some time getting to know the speakers andthe other coaches over drinks and hors d'oeuvres. This is a great way to relax, let off some steam, and let loose.

     There will also be a special "can't miss" concert. This is always one of the most fun nights of the event.


Worth: $97




VIP Only - Bonus Video


"How To Start Generating Serious Revenue In Your Coaching Business"


The main focus of this session is "how to write marketing materials", but I actually lay out the whole "Coaching Business Empire" business model, and share many other powerful business building strategies.

In this in-depth, 2 hour video, you will.... 

Discover the pathway to a 6 or 7 figure coaching revenue
Lay the foundation for your “Coaching Business Empire”
Refine your “marketing eye”
Get reenergized about your coaching business
Discover the Marketing Copy Formula (take away all of the guess work and follow this proven step by step process)


Worth: $397




VIP Only - Bonus Training "Marketing Copy Tele-Clinic"


The better you understand writing marketing marketing materials BEFORE you attend the "Coaching Business Empire" the better because you'll actually be writing marketing materials at the event.

The "Marketing Copy Tele-Clinic" is a 3 part LIVE webinar series where I teach you the keys to writing successful marketing materials....

  • Getting to the core /Bottom Line "Ultimate Outcome"

  • Using Clean,  Trust Inducing Design Elements

  • Writing compelling bullets that create curiosity and get people to take immediate action



Worth: $497








Main Program: 4 and a half days of sales, marketing, and business training live in a small group setting with lots of personal attention and feedback on your marketing materials & business strategies.

Worth: $9,997

Workbook: Take home all of the ideas covered in this program and all of your notes, and your action plan.


Worth: $197

Bonus Audio Program: "How to Pick the Perfect Niche For You"


Worth: $197

Bonus Video:  "How to Turn Your Website Into a Client Generating, Product Selling, Empire Building Machine"


Worth: $297

Bonus Audio Program: "How to Lead Effective Tele-classes and Group Coaching Programs & Fill Them Up With Participants"


Worth: $297

VIP Networking Reception. Spend some time getting to know the speakers and the other coaches over drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

Worth: $97

Marketing Copy Tele-Clinic: Before the event even begins we'll have 3 live webinars where I'll teach you how to write marketing materials, how to make your website look professional (without spending a fortune), and how to get people to take action - on the spot.


Worth: $497

Total Actual Worth...



Potential increase to your income...

Between $35K & $250K or more every year

Between $20K & $200K or more every year




Note: This event is limited to 30 participants so that everyone gets a lot of personal attention.


Chose the option that's right for you... (VIP or regular)




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Cancellation Policy: No refunds after 3 days. If you miss the event due to a medical emergency or for any other reason, you'll be given a credit and you can use this credit to attend the Passive Income Product Empire at a later date, get the home study version of the Passive Income Product Empire, or towards coaching with Christian.

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